Hi and welcome to my brand spanking new Vintage online store!! WOO HOO... I am very excited to be able to bring to you my own personally curated, hand picked collection of magnificent examples of one of a kind dresses.

The shop really came about when I was lucky enough to take a trip on board the Queen Mary 2 steaming its way over to England, five out of the seven nights were black tie formal dining, so when I was packing for the trip and going through my collection (and of course picking up a few new fabulous pieces to add) I realized just what fun it is to dress up, how beautiful vintage clothes were made, the classic cuts, the fabrics, the intricate detailing and yes some crazy patterns, it's the uniqueness you can ONLY find in vintage, so this kicked my collecting into high gear and ta-dah my shop was born. 

Having always loved vintage clothing, you just cannot beat the uniqueness of a vintage piece and the fact that you and ONLY you will be wearing this one of a kind item. How awesome is that? Especially in a era of mass marketed, "made in china", disposable clothing, here you will be able to find those special pieces that will make a statement and stand out in the crowd. 

I was that girl, on the bus headed into work wearing a vintage taffeta 1950's prom dress and winklepickers,  to my "first real job, way back in New Zealand, in the eighties, YES the eighties!  I currently work as a food stylist in New York City, but Vintage-Select is my passion, obsession, guilty pleasure and is a relentless driving force to finding only the very best pieces that I can present to you.  

When you are dealing with me, you are just dealing exactly that, ME, there is no team, no army of experts, its just me bringing you the very best clothing and service that I hope I can provide.  I pick, I sort, I inspect, I shuttle off to the dry cleaners, I photograph, catalog, sometimes model (when I HAVE to) and finally pack up and send to you.  So please feel free to contact me should you have any concerns whatsoever, I will do my utmost best to provide you with more details, photographs or any information should you require.

I hope you have fun looking around!






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